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Reduce the most expensive and time consuming costs of running your brokerage!

A complete real estate showing management solution that takes care of the entire booking process, while providing your agents and clients with showing transparency and control, from anywhere!

Hassle Free Bookings

We give you options! Choose between our live answering service, automated voicemail, or our online only option!

Automated Scheduling

We automate all notifications, confirmations, verification, lockbox code release, and feedback requests.

Showing Security

We authenticate every agent and prompt for authentication before confirming and releasing lockbox codes.

Comprehensive Tracking

Manage your showing information, track lockbox access, and view feedback from any device.

Simple & Intuitive Design

If you can add a listing to MLS, then using Schedulock is a walk in the park! Setup a listing in less than 5 minutes.

Instant Requests/Messages

Send pages the way your agents prefer! Allow Sellers/Tenants to confirm showings through Email/SMS/App.

Why use Schedulock?

Reduce answering service costs by


Increase Efficiency

Lockbox Code Access Tracking

Simple and Intuitive

Agent Verification

Seamless Bookings

Increase feedback response by


  • MLS Online Booking Button (Stratus)
  • MLS Integration (Auto Import Listings)
  • Double Bookings & Auto-Accept Showings
  • Showing Availability, Notice, & Time Blocking
  • Automated Feedback Requests
  • Automated Agent Verification
  • Secure Lockbox Release via Email/SMS/App
  • View & Track Lockbox Access
  • Real-time Email, Text, In-App Notifications
  • Agent/Seller/Tenant Showing Approvals
  • Exclusive Listings Unique Booking Hyperlinks
  • Administrative Dashboard and Booking Tools
  • Internal Paging & Bulk Message Showing Agents
  • Detailed Showing Reports & Analytics
  • Brokerage Branding


Select # of Agents in Brokerage



Select a Call Management Option


The Schedulock Team

Alexander Poon

Co-founder & CEO
Bus. Dev/Web/Design

Shane Lattanzio

Mobile Development

Irfan Ajanovic

Bus. Dev/Development

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