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1. Configure Imported Listings for Showings

The best time to setup a listing is right after it is added to MLS. Listings are automatically imported into Schedulock and can be configured in < 5 minutes! This can be done by the listing agent, administrators, and Schedulock staff.


2. Buying agents request showings

Agents can book showings for your listings through many ways. They can book them through the online booking option on MLS (Stratus), through voicemail, or through our live answering service.

We also handle agent confirmation messages (ex. Showing confirmed today at 4pm. Lbx 0000) and send them to your team through the Schedulock system.

3. Showings are booked in Schedulock

If the showing is booked online, the showing request goes straight into our system. If it is booked by voicemail or the answering service, our support staff books the showing in Schedulock.

4. We handle all outbound notifications, instructions, and confirmations

We eliminate the expensive outbound calls previously made by your team or answering service. Instead, Schedulock automatically sends the required notifications and confirmations to everyone.

We authenticate every RealtorĀ®, and securely release showing instructions and lockbox code links to verified agents only!

5. Agents/Clients can confirm showings through Email, SMS or Mobile App (Optional)

If the property is occupied or if there is a tenant, you can enable them to easily accept/decline showing requests through email, text or the mobile app!

6. Buying agents receive secure lockbox links and instructions directly and attend the showing

Buying agents receive an email and SMS containing showing instructions and a secure hyperlink to retrieve the lockbox code. They simply click the hyperlink and enter their Board Member ID to retrieve the lockbox code.

7. Lockbox code access is tracked and automatic feedback requests are sent

We show you when and if the agent had accessed the lockbox code as well as all their contact information. After the showing occurs, we automatically send feedback requests to the buying agents.

8. Showings Tracked and Answering Service Costs Reduced!

All showings, agents, access times, and feedback is recorded in the system for reference. You can bulk message agents who have previously shown the property, informing them of any changes. By eliminating the outbound calls from the answering service, we are able to drastically reduce costs and provide an seamless booking solution.

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