How to initiate the TREB Data License Agreement

Step 1: Initiate the TREB Data License Agreement
You will need to login with your TREB login credentials at the TREB Online Agreements page. This is located here:
DLA Step 1

Step 2: Start New Data Agreement
Once logged in, click "Start New". This will initiate the new data agreement screen. Select "Data License Agreement" and click "Continue"
DLA Step 2DLA Step 2.5

Step 3: Fill in Required Information
Please fill in all highlighted information. Remember to select "All Brokerage Listings" as well as "Schedulock" from the AVP vendors list.
DLA Step 3

Step 4: Respond to TREB email confirmations
Within a few minutes you will receive a few email's from TREB. Please follow the steps provided in their emails to complete the process.

If you have any questions, please email us at or call us at 647-494-0109.